Vanities on some sort of crack: Wanders Collection by Bisazza

Bisazza Wanders Collection I'm speechless. You know when you see something and it is trying too hard to be something it is not? I'm not sure if the Bisazza Wanders Collection is the appropriate mix of contemporary and antique, or if it is really the over carving of the acanthus leaf that is making it seem tarantula-like, spike-like, or anything for the Callimachus in Corinth to shutter at. It is exactly the spine-like texture of the acanthus leaf that drew Callimachus to design the Corinthian column in ancient Greece.

Maybe it is the Chicklet/Tic-Tac vanity basis with the blood red fitting handle, but I am not sitting well with this seemingly over-designed, resin and wood-carved-base lavatory console. An instructor once told me, in design school, that one must be careful with the colour the designer injects into a rendering or, in this case, a product because all I can see is the blood red fitting handle. Which I absolutely adore, because I'm the designer throwing blood red objects into almost every design I do - then taking them out with my tail between my legs.

Now, perhaps I am wrong. This could be the most beautiful bathroom product I have ever seen because it is precisely the mix of old and new that give it the eclectic charm that drew me to the Wanders Collection in the first place. It is the overly decorative simplicity in black and white that actually makes the console palatable. Any other colours would indeed be overdone.

Marcel Wanders is the "ubiquitous" designer behind the Bisazza self-named collection, something for the Debbie Travis', Sarah Richardson's, Steven & Chris followers to be ashamed of because this crap is hotter than the Kardashians at the present.

Now, to find a willing unsuspecting client to launch this upon.