Return to simplicity

20111006-221013.jpg There was a time in my life that things were difficult to purchase. Not because life was hard, or I had no money to buy them with, but because they just were not invented yet.

I remember my first personal computer, not the Commodore 64 or Atari I grew up with, but my own 8088 with a 14.4 Kbps modem that I would dial into my uni account and IRC the night away. I met a few cool people but I can't say they were eternal friendships. I think I threw out that computer and green CRT monitor and that's why I had such bad luck. I pillaged the earth with mercury and plastic when I didn't even comprehend what that meant. I upgraded that PC to a 486 with a 28.8 Kbps modem and Windows 3.1! I was so cool, and rocked the information highway, but secretly I wanted an Apple.

When a close, dear friend moved to T-dot recently I was crest-fallen. I miss her a lot and she always knew how to brighten my spirits... truthfully she's always been cheery and it is a trait she carried since we met in high school.

When Jack Layton passed soon after, still wrought with emotions from one loss, I cried. He is just the most inspiring man, even if you do not follow politics.

When Jobs passed this past week, I remembered the first time I used a Macintosh in high school during and internship at an architecture firm. It was just different, simple. Just last week I remarked to my garçon that Apple is the only software and hardware company that has multiple screen devices that all speak the same language and guide the user to the same result. It is the most brilliant and simple product design ever invented.

Simple. All this complicated stuff we are bombarded with on a minute by minute basis is all being resolved, invented, proliferated, and designed by the likes of Apple and Google - to make it simpler.

So here I sit, in an airport, with Blackberry's, iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, Kindle's, and those white headphones everywhere while a woman near me knits and chats to her non-communicative husband.

I'll take a Tweet any day. @coreyklassen