Defined Cabinetry: Designed by you. Cut by us.

Defined Cabinetry @ IDSWest Defined Cabinetry is a nation-wide flat-pack cabinetry company that is completely open to customizations within standards, and by that I mean the only real limitation is the feasibility of what you’re asking for. They will do whole projects, or produce a custom piece for that stock IKEA kitchen you’re designing. In a market filled with stock and big box retailers, it was nice to find a company that is willing to take on a single cabinet order or a whole 18 piece order without issue - anywhere in Canada.

Defined Cabinetry @ IDSWestI met Michael Bajkor of Defined Cabinetry at IDSWest last weekend and I wanted to talk about what makes this company unique.

I naively asked him, assuming he’s just another manufacturer, “So do you have a set case material or door-styles?”

To which he responded “Corey, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Confused a bit, I asked a few other questions like up-charges and what my limitations were, to which Bajkor responded every time with “Corey, I’ll do whatever you want.”

Maybe I was in disbelief, or comatose, maybe I was distracted by all the noise, but I understood that Defined Cabinetry is willing to take on the gap in the economically-feasible-stock-cabinetry market that tells me “You can’t do that. It’s not within standard.” Huh... I was stumped.

“I believe we’re filling a niche that there is a real demand for,” explains Bajkor, himself an experienced certified cabinetmaker and kitchen installer. “We provide a quick turnaround, fair pricing and a lot of flexibility. The only limits are budget and imagination.”

Defined Cabinetry has no minimum orders, making it an ideal option for any project from closet storage systems to complete kitchens. Because the customer dictates the specifications, it’s also a good option for areas like basement or attic apartments where conventional cabinet sizes are too large, and cutouts can also be provided for angled staircases. The versatility is limitless. The IDS West display showcases an office suite furnished completely by Defined Cabinetry. “Bedroom furniture and storage, closets, kitchens, entertainment units—anywhere shelves or cabinets are needed, our product can work for you,” notes Bajkor.

Defined Cabinetry @ IDSWest

Not only is Defined Cabinetry willing to work and match existing, but they’re willing to take a particular cabinet and

move the laminate on a diagonal, change the edge-banding, or even flip the colours around to something else.

I really think that I stumbled upon something special at IDSWest this year. It’s outstanding to see local talent taking up space in a otherwise tight market. The ability to have a take-off from another manufacturer is not only a plus, it’s a saving grace for that particular custom piece - which is usually every project.

Defined Cabietry

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