IDSWest: Contemporary hits Vancouver

Tom Dixon Bar So there I was, Saturday, IDSWest show floor, media pass in hand (c/o CDN Design Bloggers West, XO) cruising the booths with up-and -coming designer maven Roxy. Then, someone waived at me and out of the corner of my mouth I said to Roxy "Is she waving at you?" to which she replied "Corey, no. Maybe you're famous." Right, I thought. It's only Vancouver, afterall, but it turns out that I should have known/remembered Nicky, but I didn't. She reads what The Kula writes, loves it, and visits often.

Hm. Flattery. I love her.

Things were looking up at this years IDSWest. Last year, not so good. Some of you may remember what I said. But later on that day... sitting in the Tom Dixion bar (really awesome construction theme BTW) with some designer friends and suppliers, shooting it, a lovely looking woman comes over. We are introduced:

"Hi, Trish."

"Hi, Corey."

Our eyes lock for a second. She looks away. I marvel at her style for a moment longer, and she's locked back at my gaze.

"So, will we receive a more favorable blog post from you this year Mr. Klassen?"

Gulp. "Sorry?"

"You weren't so impressed last year. IDSMeh is what you called it." Said Trish, slipping me her business card, "Exhibit Sales Ninja, IDSWest."

Right. I felt like I was just caught shoplifting.

But, you know what? IDSWest was better this year. There was more engagement, the style and topics were a bit different, and, of course, the layout was improved - although Audi could go, please and thank you, and I'm not such a fan of that what's-her-face-stylist from House & Home. This year, I actually have some highlights to write about, and they'll be popping up over coming weeks.