You know you're a kitchen designer when

  1. You take site measurements to the 16th of an inch
  2. Moldings give you goosebumps
  3. Spending a good hour with a single appliance spec is a light read
  4. D.W.Y.S.B.O.
  5. The countertop rep is on speed dial and her name is BFF
  6. "Escutcheon" makes you giggle, but also is a real item you don't like using
  7. "And then there's Mod" means an up-charge
  8. Up-charge means "SALE! Mr. Humphries" followed by a cash register noise
  9. "The natural beauty of wood" is a generic excuse that can be applied to many situations
  10. Fillers are your friends
  11. Decorative hardware needs to match the faucet, causing hours of fun research
  12. Also, tubular decorative hardware makes you want to hurl
  13. Builder's. Anyway...
  14. Shaker shaker shaker
  15. Every kitchen you design is your dream kitchen