Kitchen technology: Herb pot (Beam me up, Scotty!)

A life without herbs is a sad state, especially for some on April 20th in the late afternoon, but that's okay because all you have to do is stand downwind of West Georgia and Howe.  If that's not the type of herbal fix you're into, and you love to grow your own fresh herbs, then Toyo Kitchen Herb Pot is for you. It's kitchen technology at it's finest because it actually encourages using the kitchen instead of it being the latest fashion accessory.

Home garden has come indoors! With this new “Herb Pot” planter, which can be incorporated into kitchen storage cabinets, you can use fresh herbs more readily for your dishes. Utilizing wavelengths of LED lights to promote plant growth, this epoch-making system enables indoor horticulture. A wide variety of installation plans are offered, including combinations with wall surface storage spaces as well as separate planter installation. - Press Release

LED stands for Light-emitting Diode, which is extremely low wattage (about 98% energy savings over the banned incandescent, 75% over the approved CFL or Compact Fluorescent) and releases light in the energy form of PHOTONS! Perfect for growing herbs and illuminating your dull, drab kitchen. It's like being on the Enterprise with Jean-Luc as your handsome leader. Effects may vary.