Kitchen Technology: Bertazzoni F30 CON XT

Shopping for a kitchen is like shopping for a car. You look for style, feel, comfort, and how long it will last. Sometimes you pick up high-end finishes and accessories, or a high-end appliance to make you go insanely mad with it's extreme techy-ness.

Such is the story of the Bertazzoni FX CON XT Wall Oven as it was told to me on Friday:

Mr. Paulo Bertazzoni bought all his industrial designers iPhones when they first came out. The designers love them, they played with them, they bought them accessories and downloaded apps from the App Store. They had a gay old time with their hot products, until one day, Mr. Bertazzoni called a meeting of all the designers. The Company Head took away the designers iPhones. What horror! What dismay!! After the initial shock wore off, Bertazzoni asked his designers what he liked about the iPhones. Hours went by and they described every nook and cranny, every nuance, every feeling they had when holding the iPhone, it was filled with such power. "Good." said Mr. Bertazzoni, "Now build me an oven like that."

And they did.

Single electric oven from Bertazzoni Design Series features:

  • 4.1 ft³ capacity
  • 11 cooking mode
  • Twin-fan convection system
  • Full-width electric grill and electronic touch controls
  • 4 heating elements, including two 1.65 kW convection elements, 2.10 kW bake element and 3.40 kW broil element
  • Bertazzoni Assistant manage-and-memory functions (and it remembers your last function, time, and temperature)
  • High-res LCD display
  • Pyrolytic self clean function
  •  7-position oven racks (actually NUMBERED on the right side!)
  • Full extension telescopic slide shelf
  • Food probe
  • Quadruple glass door with soft motion hinge
  • Handle made of Venetian glass (WHAT?!?)
The price of this luxury is only $3,100USD. Less than my trip to NYC last fall.
Thanks to Deb at Echelon for the exclusive tour (and the cherries) and I want to play again soon. (Source)