Modernist Cuisine: pricy or inspiring?

I had been having a bit of a rough week, this week past. Let's just say, sometimes, projects with the best of planning have their downfalls when cheap is chosen over proven quality. So, like I sometimes do (as I'm sure you do) when I'm feeling a bit glum, I headed over to for some inspiration.

Search, "cooking", result below:

The dude, rather I should say His Worship Nathan Myhrvold, sliced everything for cut-aways to describe the details off his cookbook Modernest Cusine: The Art and Science of Cooking. He has a lab, errr, research kitchen. I mean, a kitchen for research! I mean, what a better way to waste a lot of money and time create the most inspiring cookbook you will ever see in your life. Cut them all in half!

So, yeah, as with all things modernist, the price is a bit hard to swallow. If you want to swap, I have Gucci and Louis that I'm willing to trade with, the cookbooks or anything else modernist for that matter.

[amazon_link id="0982761007" target="_blank" locale="CA" container="" container_class="" ]Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking[/amazon_link]