Patterns: Gingham (gang-gang)

Gingham Dining Room via House & Home Pronunciation: ˈgiŋ-∂m

Usage: referred to as “gang-gang

History: 17th C. Malaysia, Dutch East India Company

Pattern type: Geometric

Gingham is a type of fabric weave where colouring is on the warp and along the grain. There is no right or wrong with respect to colour, direction, or size. Gingham is really only ever seen in three colours: blue, red, and black. But, there's more than one way to kill a  gingham pattern.

Gingham became synonymous with a country look either through the advent of country-western films, or because it was a light weight cotton, through famous singers such as Willy Willie Nelson, (I can't believe I just typed that), but it wasn't because it was primarily manufactured in Manchester England and it had nothing to do with this presence in the indie-music scene with houses like Fred Perry, Rough Trade, and Merc producing gingham for the HIPSTERS!

Gingham is not just about summer, hipsters, and it's not just about the picnic table-cloth either, it's really about a geometric pattern that has depth of field, but a simplicity to it as well.

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Update: Thx Arne for the Willie Nelson correction.