Consumer Reports kitchen trends: reaction post.

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  • French door refrigerators - I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I call foul on french door refrigerators because you have to open both doors to get to the opposite side and now you have two doors to close. Seriously, highly over-rated.
  • Induction cooktops - Hot, yes, but not to touch! What no one tells you is that if you live in an older area and you don't have 240V service coming into your house, the cooktop WILL NOT WORK. This means that B.C. Hydro has to come out to boost the service to your home and that's a cost of about $5,000. Surprise!


  • Two-cook kitchens are popular - Um, no they're not because no one has the 48" of clearance required, nor do they want it. But, you don't need 48" of clearance around everything to have a two-cook kitchen... there are ways.


  • Granite is number one, but needs periodic re-sealing - Good granite, excuse me, good quality granite doesn't need periodic re-sealing. If you buy the cheap crap out of the dudes truck, or off the yard that has them displayed on the street, yes, lots of re-sealing will be required. And no, it's not number one. It's actually number four behind Quartz, Corian, and Soapstone.
  • Quartz is gaining popularity - What are these people smoking? 9 out of 10 kitchens use quartz.


  • Tile, grout can be a problem, tiles can crack when dropping pots - Who the hell drops pots?!? Are you throwing them at each other? Seriously. Tile is great, and with the right grout, there are no problems.
  • Wood marries to adjacent spaces and isn't resistant to wear and tear - That's because it's wood, you smart-asses. Wood, just like your cabinetry, will wear and age naturally. Humans can't be expected, unless your Cindy Crawford, to never age.

Fixtures & fittings

  • Under-mount sinks are in - Yes, yes, they are, but what you are not reminding people is that the under-mount sink must be a smaller size than the cabinet by 3 inches. A 33" wide sink will not fit in a 33" wide cabinet, impossible and you better have the receipt to return it. So stop complaining and call your designer before you buy the sink. Have your cellphone handy?
  • Hands-free faucets are gaining favor with busy cooks and limited mobility - Why are we still having this discussion? Single handle faucets with a single hole are requirements in my books. The hands-free mechanics are a bonus and I will insist on it where ever my clients will allow. The future is now, people. Stop getting analog with your faucet.

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