Vancouver's dirty addiction: Shannon Mews

As of Friday, June 24, 2011 at 6:00pm, a flawed report issued by City Staff was accepted by City Council.

The issues:

  • Re-zoning and re-development of a historic site
  • Demolition of 5 buildings designed by Arthur Erickson
  • Opening of the perimeter wall for access to the very busy Granville Street
  • Possible retail locations being added
  • Skewing of the "Heritage Landing Destiny Bank" terminology to cloud the communities judgement
  • Increase 162 current units to well over 735 units
  • The single home residential neighborhood will have a 10 story building affecting their daylighting and city scape

Okay, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that there's something else going on here, and if you read the report that was submitted to City Council there are indeed errors and omissions. But to flood an area of the city with an additional population of over 2000 people? Mayor Robertson's council is failing this city (again) and this is just a plain stupid move.

I'm going to make the call: dirty green-washing or #gregorgreening

If you disagree with the re-zoning of the Shannon Mews site, then visit the Shannon Mews Neighbourhood Association for more information.

Take action right now and email with the subject line "Shannon Mews Protest" and the following message body:

I am protesting the procedural irregularities of the City report to Council and requesting removal of the Shannon Mews report from the agenda tomorrow, Tuesday, June the 28th.

This is democracy.