Designed for street pee.

Fantastic! I can see it on Granville Street now and yet another reason to linger in the downtown core after a night of drunken misbehaving. Oh, wait, there's a riot squad for that. (Too soon?)

By setting up the restroom in pod format with 4 urinals on every pod, the users can enjoy more space and privacy. This system as well paves way for both peeing and watering the plants. Approved by a professor of toxicology, the project employs 3processes. The urine thus collected is filtered, which is then used for the plants. Peeing, besides being a waste process becomes a nurturing one, which appears to be a great advantage here. Source

I'm still not clear what 'ladies' are to do about their public urination issues. What? You honestly don't think that some 'ladies' aren't going to try this out?