Community pride: Post Vancouver riot

I'm not a hockey fan. I'm not a fan of anger either. And I'm no where near any type of fan for hockey riots.

What happened Wednesday night was something no Vancouverite is proud of. It was so surreal, apocalyptic even, that tears were running down my face as I watched it happen on the news. The downtown core is my hood. It's where I hang out, play, do yoga, shop, eat, drink, party, and meet friends... hold my garçon's hand while walking down the street. It's my community.

I want to be very clear here, the rioters were NOT residents of Vancouver proper, they are from surrounding municipalities that make up the Greater Vancouver Regional District. They are not apart of my community, Vancouver's community, and they had set their intentions to destroy win or lose.


Vancouver rebuilds, like it always has and the 'No Fun City' or 'Maybe City' made a big decision that makes my heart glow from sea to shinning sea. We have decided that Wednesday was not our Vancouver, we will not be tarnished, we will prevail, and next time the proportionally 17-21 young male offenders will find themselves face to face with an entire community.