Patterns: Toile de Jouy (Toile)

Flavor Paper - Chinatown Toile Maquette Pronunciation: twäl

Translation: "fabric of joy"

Usage: referred to as "toile" or "Jouy print"

History: Neoclassicism to Romantic periods

Pattern type: Naturalistic

Toile is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white or off-white background with a repeating, fairly complex scene which is commonly pastoral or another genre of life. The pattern traditionally consists of a single colour of black, dark red, or blue. More recently, modern uses of toile continue to be on a solid background with a complementary colour.

I really, really, really like toile. I especially like what 3cubed is doing with toile too (it's the ceramicist in me. Is that even a word?) because she's taking an everyday, authentic pattern and updating it in a three-dimensional application. Maybe that's what makes toile so fantastic because let's face it, we don't all make butter and sew crops anymore. It's the everyday, joie-de-vivre, slice-of-life, aspects that take an irrelevant pastoral scene updated to a relevant repetitious image of modern-day activities.

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