Indoor & outdoor: Barkman stone veneers

This product information comes by way of dear old Dad! (Not that he's changed gears or anything, he was just excited to tell me about this new stone veneer that the company he works for is doing. And, it's pretty cool too.)

The Barkman Pre-Fit Stone Veneer is actually pretty amazing when you take a step back. Naming conventions aside (Southern Blush), I think that this is pretty awesome. I love the natural deep textures, the structural patterns when mixed with hardwood flooring (make sure the grains don't run into each other tho! unlike this photo), and the emphasis.

Designer tips

Applications: Indoor or outdoor. Avoid use in a wet space, such as a backsplash or bathroom, because it is an untreated, porous product, and has not been sealed. We want to be conscious of airborne contaminants and preventing illness, so if this your application of choice, be sure to invest in a type of sealant with your local mason and have them apply it. That said, you can apply it in a kitchen or a bathroom that is not directly in a shower (ouch), bathtub surround (ouch again), or backsplash against the range wall with the vent hood in-front. Be careful of the latter, your designer will know what to do to make it safe.

Scale: Be sure when planning a stone veneer wall that the scale of your vertical surface can actually handle the veneer, structurally and visually. This is a whole lot of texture so you want to make sure that you select a surface that will achieve the desired impact you're looking for. Look for a wall in the middle of the room so that it seems that the stone is supporting the structure. This is ideal for a fireplace!

Colour: Especially the darker veneers, you need to make sure that the wall or exterior colours are within the same hue as the stone. What will happen (as illustrated  with green walls, all be it a product placement photo op) is that you will have a depth of field imbalance, where by the newly-veneered surface will either push back in the horizon, or worse, pull forward making a small space look smaller. If you're not ready to re-paint, select a veneer in a colour that will avoid this issue.

Lighting: By all means, if you're going to invest in this product, accent it with lighting, please. You can down-light or up-light (depending on your application choice) using a low-voltage halogen, or wash the stone with a directional LED to make it glow. There are so many ways to detail the lighting (even in a mantle piece with LED strips) that this is sure to be the wow-factor you are looking for.

Hello outdoor kitchen! Oh wait, there's a KIT FOR THAT! But it doesn't come in white. I know, I'm disappointed to. BTW, I did mention to Daddy-boy that spec sheets are needed for us designers... we'll see where he goes with that.