Vancouver's dirty addiction: St. John's United

Vancouver's dirty addiction problems continue at a rapid pace with the demolition of St. John's United Church in the heart of the beautiful West End. This church was not the fabric of the community, but it was a precious architectural marvel and sat on this site for over a century. The property was sold to Westbank Project Corporation, same developer who completed the Woodward's project.

"This has been the target of a very controversial development application.  There's been no public notification of when the demolition was to take place, but they've started to take it down.  They took down the cross and hauled it away," Helten says. Source

Tiko Kerr makes an apt public comment (forgive the shaky video, but they should really hire Jason Karman.)

What a statement by an amazing artist.

Come on, Mayor Gregor! When will you realize that "urban density" doesn't mean "destruction" and that "sustainability" doesn't involve "wasteful destruction" either. Who approved this development application? When were the public hearings? Why must this nasty, disgusting, dirty addiction problem continue?

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