Dear Universe, please bring me an iPad.

It seems a shameful thing to ask the Universe for an iPad. I mean, it brings us many things, like light and matter, but iPad's aren't one of them. The biggest message at KBIS 2011 was that I am nothing with my iPhone, I must have an iPad, I must have one, I can not live without one, I can waste less paper, and I can be more productive with one. Without one, I now believe that I've lost the will to live. What could I do if I owned an iPad instead of what I do now?  


I could buy a pair of tactical pants to shuttle my iPad to job sites. I really do like big butts.



I could mount it in a wall cabinet in my kitchen, in the clean-up centre.



I could read it and learn how to cut fruit while drinking wine, clearly on Facebook and Twitter while I do this.

These are just a few, but I could do so many things if I had an iPad, Universe. Just sayin'.