Bio-ethanol outdoor fireplace: Stix by Ecosmart



Oh. My. Amazingness.

Check out the Stix outdoor fireplace by Ecosmart. It get's better. It doesn't burn wood or charcoal, it burns Bio-Ethanol, a fermented sugar and starch composition from plant by-products. Sounds like we're burning wine here, but not. I get's even better. Burning Bio-Ethanol results in steam, heat, and carbon dioxide. That's it! All natural, baby!

There's a huge wave in the kitchen & bath industry to take things outside. If you don't have an outdoor kitchen yet, you may want to start talking to your designer and start the planning because it's going to be a huge trend in the coming years. I know our B.C. Chapter of the NKBA is working on an Outdoor Kitchen presentation coming up, so stay tuned for that on Facebook.