Waterstone Collection: 12 styles of Cambria

Cambria launched a preview of their new colours at KBIS last week, and today they officially launched the complete avant-garde collection of 12 styles. The Waterstone Collection™ is simply amazing, and again Cambria proves it is an innovator in the engineered-stone market. Each individual colour is named after a particular place in Wales and England, and that name is pretty specific about the inspiration of each style.

My favorite is Torquay because it's white (go figure, Corey likes white? No way!) and it's silky creamy texture like that delicious layer where the top of whip-cream and shot meet in an Espresso Con Panna. I can just picture myself sipping one now. Pinkies up, of course.

Benefits of Cambria Quartz countertops:

  • ETERNAL LIFE-CYCLE - An engineered-surfacing material that is stronger than granite with a lifetime warranty. You do not replace it, thereby eliminating the need to spend money on laminate countertops 5 times in your lifetime at the cost of one installation of Cambria Quartz
  • SUSTAINABLE - The reduction of waste in our landfills from specifying and using Cambria's quartz means no non-biodegradable plastics and laminates in our landfill for a lifetime, and longer!
  • GREEN GUARD - The clear polish allows you to set food down on the surface without nasty pours trapping food and bacteria
  • INCREASED ROI - The quality of the product and the longevity of the surface are huge incentives to spend the little bit extra on Cambria when compared to Dupont's Corian solid-surfacing (a plastic)

Gallery: Waterstone Collection™

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