Little Buffalo oil spill: 7 days and clean-up just begins


My inner environmentalist is coming out screaming today.


LITTLE BUFFALO, ALBERTA - A pipeline owned by Plains Midstream Canada has leaked over 28,000 barrels (over 4.5 million litres) on land north of Peace River, Alberta. People live there, work there, animals are there, it's on a land reserve for our First Nations, and it's been going for a week. Schools have been closed, people have been sent to hospital over the noxious fumes, and you just gotta wonder - is it all worth it?

"The company is failing to provide sufficient information to us so we can ensure that the health and safety of our community is protected," says Chief Steve Nosky of Peace River, directed at the Albert Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) and Plains Midstream.

The spill happened on Friday, but it wasn't released until this pays Tuesday - the day AFTER the federal election.

"Either there's an incredible inability on the part of this government to know what's going on the ground, environmentally ... or we have evidence of political interference, or maybe not evidence, but speculation, which is not completely unfounded." said Nosky.

The spill was partly contained by a beaver dam. It sullied a river.

And that's not all, there are 12 oil spills a day in Canada.

Does this impact design? Yes, of course, it's because we buy gasoline and petroleum products in so many different types of materials that we need to know that our human innovation is slowly killing our only home. Our primary fuel source is at an all-time high cost and we're just taking it, accepting that it's the way it is, we keep using it like it's crack cocaine, that's how.

What are you're alternatives?