The blame game.



blame | blæm |

verb [trans.] assign the responsiblity for a fault or wrong : the inquiry blamed the engineer for the accident

• ( blame something on) assign the responsibility for something bad to (someone or something) : they blame youth crime on unemployment.

Some of us Canadians are a little shook up this week. We had a federal election on Monday, but this isn't the place to side one ideal or political party from another, so I'll dispense with that attitude quickly. I found myself unhappy with the results for the most part, and I now find myself blaming the process of politics for the results.

Let me tell you about some other blames today:

  • This morning I hopped in the shower and there wasn't hot water and I couldn't shave. I blame the building manager for that.
  • I forgot how to drive a bit, I blame the week in Las Vegas.
  • I sprained my finger in yoga, and I blame myself for not paying attention to the soreness earlier.
  • I'm a little low on funds, and I blame the market shift for that.
  • I got a call from another design firm that blamed me for stealing their client.
  • Osama Bin Laden is dead and we blame 9/11 for that.
  • I have a headache and I blame the stress of added jobs on that.

I spent all day with these thoughts, mulling around in my head, making me moody and put off by many things. But wait a minute, is that even right?

We have grown up in a culture of excuses and in-action that it has become easier to blame something or someone for our own ill-fortunes. We truly believe that it's our right to pass the problem onto someone else when something doesn't go away, and we get so angry, sometimes we yell, sometimes we fist-fight. We are so wrapped up in our own selfish thoughts that we take it all out on the next person that crosses our path in the slightest of wrong ways. That's just simply wrong.

Who's driving this bus anyway? There is no one to blame but ourselves. Again, as if something hit me on the head to say "Hey Dummy, what the?!?", I'm reminded, and humbled, that I can choose happiness instead of this blame game. It's not easier, but it sure is more pleasant.