Best of KBIS: Rococo Pop



I nearly peed my pants when I saw this disgustingly stunning hardware at KBIS. This line of decorative hardware, aptly called Rococò Pop, is designed by Enrico Cassina and MAADE with a twist on Cassina's Louis XV line of hardware in production.

The master of style plays with the contemporary in a way that perfectly complements the brand, taking a lively, dynamic approach and exploring the possibilities of colour. Colour is in high demand in design and contemporary interior furnishings. A rediscovery of the flavour of the 60's and 70's, it offers new inspiration for experimentation with bright and sparkling combinations. Always attentive to the influence of art and design, Enrico Cassina, in collaboration with MAADE (Michele Moser, Andrea Bosio, Alberto and Alessandro Ballestrero), has designed a new line of handles that pair form and classic décor with bright and lively new colours.

Now, I have to be honest. Every single time I hear the word Rococo, I am reminded of a dreadful Art History professor who said it with a shaky, very slow, voice. I lasted 30 minutes into her presentation and I ran to the nearest payphone to tele-withdrawl and tele-enrole in another class at the same day and time across campus. I had to run.

But, imagine if you will, a large stainless steel door that has a bright blue Rococò styled door handle. Wouldn't you just get all gitty every time you touched it? I know I would. Gitty as a school girl. Say no more! Say no more!