Best of KBIS: Bamboo sinks

LAS VEGAS, NV - One big surprise about a product was this equal double apron front bamboo sink by Lenova Sinks (Chicago, Illinois). They also make a vessel lavatory sink.

I will say that the guy in the booth had no idea what to tell me about these products (he tried to tell me that Jade Celadon glaze was actually a clay body, which it is not, and I had to correct him by mentioning that I had a degree in Ceramics... foolish not to know your product), but I will tell you what I know about this product without reading the mystery specs (which are also absent on the website):

  • Bamboo is a grass, reed actually
  • Bamboo grows to full stalk within 5 years vs. Douglas Fir at 25 years (no brainer)
  • Bamboo has natural water repellant and antibacterial oils
  • Bamboo (in this format) is sealed with a clear catalyst and because I don't know where this is manufactured (re: dummy guy in booth who was disinterested in chatting with me) it is possible that it is sprayed in China under very toxic conditions
  • Bamboo is laminated together and it's not possible to know if there is Formaldehyde (a know carcinogen) in the glue (thanks dummy guy)
  • Bamboo sinks will not out-last stainless steel sinks

So sometimes you have to be aware of the toxins in a green product, and that's green-washing at it's best. Manufactures should really be attentive to specifiers' because we tout the good products, sell them if they're great, and need to be spoken to intelligently. I can't say that I would sell this to anyone after the poor experience I had at the booth (which was far to common this year, unfortunately) but the idea is a good start. Just make it truly green and back it up with facts.