Best of KBIS: ThinkGlass Countertops



LAS VEGAS - Those of you who where alive last year you may remember that Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Disgusting gentrification aside, one of the most stunning pieces we've been blessed with is the Olympic Flame. Built by Think Glass (Boisbriand, Quebec), they do more than just Olympic Flames, they do countertops!

So, couple questions that you may have:

1. How does it glow?

The glass countertop is set on top of the base cabinets with a full depth top. The manufacturer recommends that for the best reflective effect that a sheet of stainless steel be laid beneath. LED lighting strips are added by the manufacture for the best glowyness and available in rotating colours or single colours.

2. Is it food safe?

Yes. It's real glass.

3. Will it break?

Not usually. But if you drop a cast iron frying pan from the second floor, or throwing it across the room (for whatever reason), then yes. Let's be logical here.

4. How do you affix it to the cabinet?

It's placed loosely, no fixatives. The glass countertop is really frickin' heavy. Don't drop it.

5. Is it expensive?

Yes. It's $200-400 per square foot, plus shipping, installation, and tax. When compared to Cambria Quarts at $100-125 per square foot, you can see that a galley kitchen with two 10'-0" walls would be around $6,000 plus plus plus.

6. Is it sustainable?

Kinda, it's a natural product, which is limited to the amount of material on earth.