KBIS 2011: What's in the box.

I'm at KBIS (pronounced kay-biss) this week in grossly over-fabulous-über-glossy Las Vegas, America and it's more America than I ever thought. Yesterday was a great opening keynote by a guy named Pat Croce, I don't know have the sport stuff he was talking about, but what I figured out is that America is still turned down economically. The proof is in the pudding that KBIS is smaller in size and stature than I had anticipated.

  • There's no WiFi - ANYWHERE. Common KBIS. Really?
  • Booths are smaller and so are the incentives, parties at the booth are over-killed by the small size of the booth making it really uncomfortable to network and chat
  • There are some cheap appliance manufactures, and Dracor not to be confused with Dacor (who was there too), if I think they're cheap, you'll think they're cheap
  • Even in Las Vegas, booby-girls at a blackjack table in your booth just to sell a sink is just disgusting
  • The Häffle booth was full of old men in suits, nothing new or innovative, the LED lighting is behind the times
  • Google, SketchUp, Igloo Studios and Masco Cabinetry made a big announcement, press release forth coming

Here's what KBIS is doing well:

  • NKBA launched their new web-site design, sleek and professional, still hard to find stuff when transitioning from the old, but it's a high-roller site now
  • The Media Lounge - new way of doing business for the new generation of designers, great half-hour bloggers forum but still more presence needed from your actual membership, learned nothing new there tho (needed WiFi)
  • The KBIS app is okay, make it better and easier more fluid, need more stuff like this (and WiFi)
  • Continues to provide a forum for designers and non-designers to meet and learn together because even though I can do most of what happens at KBIS online, there's nothing like coming together as a community to discuss challenges and seek new ways of doing things together

Here's what KBIS needs:

  • To have the support of the whole community, including major appliance manufacturers
  • A free WiFi hotspot for everyone to tweet and share more, I'm a broken record here
  • Events that don't collide with each other, I mean Chapter Officer events, CEU floor events, and even Manufacturer events could be controlled better
  • To stop sending push notifications on the KBIS app. Seriously KBIS, stop that, it's annoying