Fabulous KBIS au Las Vegas.

Here I am touting Earth Day 2 days ago and I'm off to consumerist central, Las Vegas Nevada, but for good reason! The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS, said "kay-bis", not "kay-bes" or "kay-biz") is the largest industry showcase of kitchen and bathroom residential and multi-dwelling products in the world.

I'm a KBIS virgin. Now, that it doesn't mean, unlike the Pumpjack down Davie Street, that my underwear is stapled to the wall in a ritual hazing (Okay, they don't do this anymore but no one knows that I got out with my undies intact. Oh wait, they do now), but I've more than earned my designer-chops in this industry in the short time that I've been in it. I'll be blogging, tweeting (@coreyklassen) live from the show floor. Yikes, that's a challenge.

I'm going in with a beginners mind so I have no wish-list, only surprises! Wish me luck!!