Dream2O: Exclusive sneak-peak.

What can I say, really. Delta Faucet Company has done it again.

It's [our] pleasure to announce the official grand opening of Delta Faucet Company's flagship showroom DREAM2O at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. DREAM2O is a hands on and interactive environment where visitors can experience products and technologies for themselves and get their hands wet.

  • 3,057 sq. ft. including working displays, training & meeting areas, and a 9'-0" x 3'-0" touch wall
  • 96 working fittings (aka shower head, faucet, etc.)

Okay, seriously. I could probably spend a good couple of days playing with the faucets on the touch wall so I'm pretty major jealz of Chicogonians Chicagons people who live in the Windy City.

Check out the full renderings and sneak peak images (THANKS SARAH!) in the gallery below: