Design Kula needs you, and your offerings.

Do you have a great local offering in Vancouver B.C.? Do you want a cost effective way of adverting and maybe making a buck or two? Do you hash-tag fail (thanks Jack) Google Ads?

Perfect! We agree. Help The Kula out and consider advertising on our nifty side bar. Here are the details:

  • Get a 200 x 120 pixel image ready. If you can't do it, send your logo and an image, or what you want to say, because we can do it for you. Cool, right?
  • Have a credit card handy because it's only 25 smackeroo's for four months. Cheap, right? It get's better.
  • Observe your referrals skyrocket. So simple.

Tips & hints:

  • Be clear with what you want to advertise. The Kula suggests one product or service only because it's a small space already. No need to clutter up your ad.
  • If you want to try it out, and you're not sure how it's going to work for your business, be upfront about it and let The Kula know. We're not attached to the dollars, just the ideas. That's how we roll.

Ready? Head over to the Sponsorship page and submit.