Design Kula can help? Yes, yes we can.

We, The Kula, have made it easier than every to help you with a bunch of crazy stuff. If you're a Kula Reader, and you have have a project or a problem that you need a solution for, we can help.

How can The Kula help you?

  • Architectural: Andrea can help with that.
  • Interior, Kitchen, Bathroom Design: Corey can help with that.
  • Floral Design and Business: Bernice can help with that.

Is there a charge?

The Kula graciously donates their time to our community. If your question or problem is more in-depth than an article response, you can certainly hire/barter/trade services of the particular professional. It's up to them, the scope, and you.

Where to go:

Go to and complete the simple form. So easy.