Headline news.



You want to make an issue of something. You want to challenge those who claim to be experts. Do you have enough facts on your side to take them on? If not, hold back a bit. Don’t leave yourself open to looking silly.

That's my horoscope (or horrorscope, as my Mom likes to call it) for today. I can't tell you how often this happens, or I think it happens, to me on a daily basis. I think I must internalize it and it's my inner dialogue - the news ticker at the bottom of my screen of life.

That news ticker likes to distract me from what I'm working on or working with. There's a lot of cross talk that goes on in my mind and it's hard to pick out the relevant or real information that supports me. You probably feel the same, just didn't know it or haven't looked at it this way before.

Anyway, I will see what this day does and if I can monitor the ticker tape in my head, but I feel like there is some spring change afoot. I just don't know what it is yet.