Patterns: Houndstooth, Greek Key, Golden Ratio, Stripes, Polka-dots

This past weekend my filmmaker BF made me sit thru some films, he's doing some programming for this year's Out On Screen Film Festival. I can't say that watching films, as he over analyzes them, is my idea of a good time, but don't get me wrong, I did Film Studies in Uni along with everything else I did, I just seem to analyze more rapidly than everyone else. Anywho, he pulled out The Patterns Trilogy by Jamie Travis, and it was love at first sight. I can't say that you can view this trilogy anywhere, you'll have to look at the website for a festival in your area, but it is worth the view.

I realized, as I watched the film, that there is a common disparity on patterns and when you can use them or how to use them in a space, and where you can use them together. I only saw this because Travis uses patterns so well together, so seamless, homogeneous. I know I've been a bit seriously in my posts in the last little while, mostly because I've been feeling overwhelmed with projects, so I thought that writing about patterns would be a GREAT way to put the fun back in funky. Pattern, oddly enough, is connected to one of my other visual orgasms - GRAFFITI! Do't worry, I won't overwhelm you, we'll do one a time together.

Yes? Okay, let's go! What do YOU want to know about pattern? Tweet me @coreyklassen to ask.