Working with a designer: Point form benefits

  • The designer creates a master plan and it's not deceptive
  • The designer does shopping for you while you chill-out in your soon-to-be-renovated home with all the creature comforts
  • The designer will get you discounts off retail prices - thereby saving you a whack of cash
  • The designer will communicate to all the parties with design drawings and specifications
  • The designer comes on-site for visits so that you don't have to obsess if it's all being done to your requirements
  • The designer focuses on the safety of the homeowner, making the small decisions during design and construction process
  • The designer knows building code
  • The designer makes quick and rapid decisions on-site - most of them could be incredibly stressful for the average homeowner
  • The designer takes the heat for you so you can live in la-la land