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You may have been following me since I started this blog as back in 2005, to in 2008. Over the past seven years I have grown from a want-to-be-design-professional to being a professional, to practicing design every day, and to leading my local community as the VP of Professional Development for the NKBA B.C. Chapter (

In May of 2007 I had a terrible running injury and could hardly walk on my left foot, and in June of 2007 a dear friend introduced me to yoga. Since then, the practice of yoga has healed my injury and blossomed my spirit and it's the culprit that propelled me into my new career path. The community and practice have not only deepened my resolve, but they have supported me every step of the way - much like you have. In the last year, I have been slowly finding my niche and looking inward. What I have found, and what I am pleased to launch, is Design Kula (

I know what "design" means, but what does "kula" mean?

Kula (Sanskrit, 'family') - pronunciation: /'ku-l∂/

Why "kula" and not collective, or co-operative?

To be a collective, you need more than one body to make decisions together, and the same exists for a co-operative. To be a kula, you can be anyone that you learn and grow with or from. It's a chosen family.

Design Kula is inspired by my community. Wether it be in the design studio, a suppliers plant, on the street, thru travels, yoga studio, or thru my online presence, you are indeed apart of that community, or kula.

What will change on

I have already eliminated my professional consultation services from my offering. But other than that, nothing. I'm still here. Perhaps this will grow to include guest bloggers, but that's really not the point. This site will speak to me and my opinions - even as they change over time - and a slant from my viewpoint.

What's next for

I will be transitioning to over the coming days and weeks and will remain an active domain forwarded to My twitter name "coreyklassen" will also change over the coming days and weeks, but if you're already following me, it will automatically update in your records. My Facebook profile will remain as is.


Inquiries can be directed to corey[at]

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