Asymmetrical natural kitchen: Cubby House / Edwards

The other day, I was chatting with @ArneSalvesen, a local Vancouverite and Certified Kitchen Designer who writes his own blog, Useful Spaces, and soon to be a fellow alumnus of the Brizo Blogger 19 (what a long title, I know, sorry,) and we were bantering back and forth about products we use. Somehow we drifted toward products we'd love to use and I mentioned that I would LOVE to have my own eco chip-board kitchen and he mentioned something about MDF and a brother, it's all a blur because I was just dreaming up my own bespoke kitchen design.

I totally forgot that I saved this recent post @ArchDaily on the Cubby House designed by Edwards Moore. When I say chip-board, I mean it. This house is the complete embodiment of everything that I was thinking, dreaming, and etching into my mind.

What I am drawn to is the overwhelming amount of white. It's stunning and allows the eye to over-focus on any hit of texture or pattern. I can see my Barcelona Chairs, vintage Spanish movie posters, and artwork collection hanging out in this space. Moreover, I can see ME hanging out in this space.