Designer Picks: New Kitchen Appliances



7 New Kitchen Appliances That Designers Love, LINDA MERILL,, January ’11

Vancouver based kitchen designer Corey Klassen, AKBA, NKBA, is also turned on by great functionality combined with design style. Klassen’s favorite appliances to work with are from Fisher & Paykel primarily because of their 31" Refrigerator and Double Drawer Tall Tub Dishwasher. “When it comes to smart technology in appliances, I'm all for the tried and true brands and even for the most economical choice, but I always fall back onto the sophisticated linear look of the F&B line. It’s the smart design of a small refrigerator with a big-boy attitude that gets me every time. Now, when it comes to the Double Drawer Dishwasher, my heartbeat quickens because with smaller families these days, you only need to operate the tall tub drawer instead of both. Everyone knows that a dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand, but using half that amount saves us more water and energy in the long run.” Source:

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