Googled 3 of me, re-inspired to be the change.

Do you Google me? I Google my clients. Don't get weirded out or anything, but this is the era we live in. Rather than asking around to friends and colleagues for a referral and the reputation, we look at their online reputation. Where are they networked? Who do they know? Anyone that I know? Do they have a good website? ('Cuz if it's ugly and hard to find stuff, you gotta wonder what's behind the scenes.)

I test myself all the time, but today I Googled more. I discovered that there are 3 of me online, one is actually me and the first hit, the second is a mortgage broker, and the third is a pastor at a church. We're all around the same age, and same roots, too so it's easy to get us confused, well, the online name anyway. I thought this was kind of weird. And funny at the same time. Made me wonder: How do I make myself stand out from the other 2 me's?

In my internet creeping, aside from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, I discovered that the real me does appear Modenus. I also appear in a video on MySpace (Really?), but not in the first hit, in Jason's video "Souviens" and I totally forgot about it.

Souviens Karman | Myspace Video

There was one important thing that I forgot about. I pledged for Design Can Change. I was so gung-ho about being the change that I forgot, well not forgot, just put aside, what it was all about. I'm saddened, a bit, but more so, I am re-inspired to be the change. I can do it.