Walking the plank: Yoga saves the day

This is the jobsite:

and these are the shoes:

So... the reason WHY I showed up on the job-site with these shoes is because the roof was being completed in October 2010 and obviously the I missed the communications on no roof being done unitl February 2011. Regardless of how it happened, there I was with a decision to make. Do I go on the job-site and risk it? Or, do I observe from the sidewalk in the rain?

The debate began in my head, because as soon as I saw the "ladder" to get up to the front landing, I knew I was going to be hooped. There was absolutly no way of getting power to my laptop and give the client the 3D walk-thru. No way. Luckily, I had paper back-up with me.

Meeting the client on the sidewalk, then climbing the "ladder", which, incidentally is no ladder to climb in leather soul shoes in the rain. I slipped so many times and clearly, I was being blessed with a challenge today. "Suck it up, Princess!", the little voice inside my head said. Inside I was met with was 1" of water. The soles of my shoes were 1/4", at best, and I was franticly searching for the high points.

Oh, my friends, that was not all, let me tell you about how to get from one structure to another: in the rain, with above shoes, of course, over the stairway opening to a ledge that was 6" wide, then thru a framed window opening smaller than I am tall. Balancing on the 6" sill plate, I looked across my next challenge with the client looking back at me. Can I do this? I though. Should I back out now?

I didn't. What I was presented with was a 10'-0" "bridge" from one structure to the other. I quickly realized that they were mirror images of each other and I would need to land on the same 6" sill, with the same 6" ledge and teeter over the same stairwell. After I swore and cursed a couple times in my head, I remembered that sometimes I loose my balance in yoga and I was terrified. My life flashed before my eyes. What would Jason do? What would my Mom do? How would I look from above, laying on the main floor, all twisted up? Would I look fat?

I took my breath, I walked the plank, and I balanced my way across something so narrow that all I could think of was that I was a bird, flying. I made it. Yoga saved the day.