Redesigned for 2011: Choose happiness

Alright people, it's time to get serious. Most of you know me to be a little crazy and silly with my posts, with a sprinkling of seriousness-ocity, but the time has come to face some dusty closets and clutter in the mind.

I realize, more than ever this year, that we make so many choices per day that it is overwhelming when you list them all. I have a hard time with choices sometimes, because I'm afraid of choosing the wrong thing or that it's going to turn out to be a disaster. So. The time has come to choose happiness.

My happiness plan is confront the choices that have made me unhappy in the past and make them the best they can be. Now, I'm not a very good list-maker-and-follower, but I'm going to make a solid effort here (oh that's No. 1!):

1 MAKE A LIST AND CHECK IT TWICE, AND FINISH IT - Whether it be a grocery list, a to-do list, or a goal list, my first item of business is to actually get off my lazy butt and do it with a list.

2 CONTROL THE FOOD, NOT THE FOOD CONTROLLING ME - My relationship with food is as follows: feel sad, eat sugar, repeat. It's okay to feel sad about something, but I shouldn't have to replace the feelings with a sweet thing and thereby make be more unhappy. I am starting this off with a 30 day Nutritional Cleanse by Isagenix. I've done this cleanse before, and this time I'm going to stick to it. See point No. 1 above.

3 MOVE SPACES - Jason and I have lived in this 450 sq. ft. apartment, in the beautiful West End of Vancouver, for almost nine years. We both need offices and both need proper space for two professionals to flourish and fly. Which, sadly, leads me to No. 4 below.

4 ADOPT-OUT KITTY - Lita was a Siamese when we adopted her, but she was actually a malnourished Himalayan. She has either a permanent respiratory problem or allergies - the vet couldn't decide - and she sneezes constantly. It's a lot to keep up with, but she is a very very very affectionate cat and I'm not so affectionate. So, I still need to figure this one out and keep my emotions in check, but she needs a new home because where we're moving... she's forbidden. Tear.

5 WORK-LIFE BALANCE - The last couple months have been a nightmare for me. Maybe it's my eagerness, but I am going to get control and take back my off-time. I can not design and work 16 hour days and expect to be functional any more. This was too unhappy, and therefore is changing effective immediately.

That's it, really. Five points, for one new year. I can do it! So, I think you'll see a change here, either less posts or more posts geared toward what is the new me. But, it doesn't really matter either way because all this stuff is no good to me if I'm dead, and that doesn't make me happy.