Give-away: My New Year's goal to purge, purge, purge!

We've been in the same apartment for over 8 years. It's nice and small, right by English Bay, and cheap like borscht. One problem, the small WAS nice, and now we've run out of room. For lots of things.

I attempted to tackle the bedroom today, and I've laid out every single piece of clothing on the queen size bed. It's full, about a meter high. It's disgusting and I just know I'm going to have trouble getting some of this stuff outta here - not for my sake, but for our sanity.

So, If you know anyone who's looking for a blow-dryer, straightening iron, bathmats, older white bedding, a stack of Elle Decor, a bigger stack of Dwell, a Toshiba Laptop that needs a battery, a Fuji Digital camera, a Sony BluRay player that doesn't work, a Air Purifier, a portable stereo, and A WHOLE LOTTA ARTWORK FOR SALE, email me:

design [at] coreyklassen [dot] ca

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