Backed into a corner: a kitchen hostage situation

The other day I was being a busy beaver and working away, chatting, when Jo, one of the designers I work with, said "and she wants a corner sink." Time stood still for that moment because I was in absolute horror that anyone would want a corner sink. Usually people inherit them and sometimes it's the very last last last last last last LAST option, but a corner sink takes you hostage in your own kitchen. I Tweeted my thought and was greeted with so much support, even my brother disapproves! He's not a designer/archi-type, but he should be so he get's props. (@kitchens_com) had this to say:

So true.

So what exactly is a bad corner in a kitchen? Here's the worst I've seen:

1. The corner sink.

This photo was titled "Corner sink and a lazy susan maximizes storage". I'm gasping for air, because that's exactly  what the drain will do when there is no where to put it. How does this maximize anything but code violations (clear access to plumbing, all circuits within 36" of sink must be GFCI) and function issues (where does one stand when at the sink with the dishwasher door open and using the lazy susan?) Clearly the building inspector was never here.

2. A corner refrigerator.

This was really the best of the worst photos I could find. Where do I start. Putting a refrigerator in a corner is probably the second most ridiculous thing I've seen (the first being a sink.) This type of appliance may have solved one problem (how do design around it) but it creates many others - air circulation clearances, landing zones, clearing for the door swing - and it's far to complicated to get into, really. Oh, and it's a "REFRIGERATOR" not a "Fridge", from using refrigerants in the mechanics.

3. Corner Range

Now, I can't say I've personally observed one of these bad boys in action but I can say they should be avoided. They're really just not manufactured to be in a corner.

4. The corner of horror.

You've seen it every now and then. It's the corner in a kitchen that has so much crammed into it that you can hardly avert your eyes. It's like a streaker. Knives, pots, pans, canisters, spices, bottles, cookbooks... such a nightmare that you're afraid you might contract the contagion.


Let's avoid major work centre's in a corner, shall we? It's a place for small details, like a special serve-ware, that bowl of fresh fruit, but certainly not everything that you think you may need.

Disclaimer: My apologies to anyone I may offend. This post is my opinion. If you are offended by me calling you out on your poor design, visit my services page and hire me.