Best of '10: Six great things

I have done a lot this year. So much that it's kind of frightening when I look back at it. 2009 ended with a Grad Show and it's ending with everything I wanted and more. Here are some whippets of experiences I wish to impart if you're thinking of doing what I did.

1. Certification exams are always needed to elevate yourself professionally and personally. Especially if you have to write it twice! Be humble, not over confident, or arrogant and always accept whatever happens, quickly.

2. Always answer the call to travel, especially for an amazing time in New York. The opportunity to connect with other industry experts isn't just a gift, it's a blessing! Brizo has been amazingly supportive, and if any business takes an interest in you you MUST love them and be open to accepting their gifts - big or small. The connections you make are for a lifetime.

3. Make the choices that are hard to make, even when there is an easy way out. Sometimes it's hard to have a difficult conversation with a client, but respect them and your profession and you receive so much more out of it. Even if you have to shift jobs and take a pay cut, because if you keep staring out the window at what you really want to do you'll never really play with the big kids. Yes, jump off the bridge.

4. Make mistakes. It's free education or sometimes expensive. Doesn't matter, just don't be afraid. I made a few this year but no more that $500 cost. It sucked, yeah, but the client is still happy!! Too bad he bought the more expensive washer/dryer combo because I mixed up the model numbers, but it's totally fine.

5. It's easier to be happy than to be frustrated or panicked. Choosing to have fun at my job is the best thing I do every day, but I have to roll that over into my personal life and I'm not so good at that. Yet.

6. Celebrate with loved ones, always. This past 12 year anniversary with my Garçon came and went so quickly that I'm kinda upset that we didn't get on the 10.10.10 band wagon. You all could have been there via Skype! Shoot.

Add your Best of '10 with a comment. Why not!?!