Buried in red: Eco-boutique Upholstery Arts bankrupt

Yaletown Sectional | Upholstery Arts

I seriously wonder what is going to happen in the sustainable products market when a leading upholstery manufacturer walks the plank. Upholstery Arts is in apparent receivership, the BBB has deemed the business closed after numerous inquires and no responses. (@CBCNewsBC, @BBB) I didn't notice anything odd in the windows on my commute this morning, so this doesn't seem like good news for any of us.

What caused this business to fail? Was it price? Was it a over-sized showroom? Was it high production costs? Was it too small of a niche market?  Reading some of the comments on CBC's site, I can say that this is the speculation, but those comments are often ignoramus couch potatoes without an intelligent bone in their body and no internet search skills.

Point is, this furniture is was the best you could buy and I am really concerned about how the Greenest City investment platform could go so wrong.