A boy from Southern Manitoba.

It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks, to say the least. Do I want to sit on a beach and drink margarita's? Yes, yes I do, very much so. But, sometimes something happens that reminds one how far one has come.

Take yesterday for example. I had two meetings booked with prospective clients and my inbox was so full. I didn't know how I was going to cope but I showed up and was present. The funny thing about being present is that you can really accomplish so much and have such good connections with people and yourself. I was kind of worried how the first meeting would go, the clients had already been to another designer and were referred to me.

Now let me stop there for a second because I'm the new kid on the block, and a referral is a HUGE deal for me. I grew up in a small town, with strong values and big empty spaces. We didn't have designers, but we had decorators at the local shop. Whether they be trained or not isn't the point, but that was the only place to go. Fast forward to receiving this referral, I am so honoured that a client would recommend me to anyone. The showroom is surrounded by so many different types of kitchen and bath business, sometimes there's a different one every 3 months, and there are so many other options that anyone could choose. So why choose me?

I like to think that I'm good at what I do, but I'm not the one to measure that at all. One referral, or someone who referrs me, out of five different clients is enough. They're priority. They're everything. After all, I was just a boy from Southern Manitoba who wanted to be an artist and a daddy.