Eternal depth of quartz: New Cambria 2011 colours


This past Friday I attended FloForm's UBER Lounge party with Cambria Quartz where they launched their 2011 new colours. I had seen a 4 12x12's at an NKBA Chapter meeting a couple weeks ago, and of course on the website, but nothing really compares to seeing a 8 foot by 2 foot slab in front of your face. I did what I do at the art gallery, I got up close and almost kissed that Picasso like it was mine and mine only for that brief moment.

My favorite, and I'm going to take this one to the grave, is Charston. It's deep and beautiful, like nothing I've ever seen, and it has these blue quartz flecks that make you want to peer in like a crystal ball. Mesmerizing. I can just see this with a Trevi-Cross Faucet by Brizo, if only it came in black. It takes me back to my club-kid days, maybe the night where I was ruffied (I was fine, with friends), and just in a trance with the music, lights and the heat on the dance floor. Charston steals my heart.

I've come up with some inspiration for each of the new colours in the gallery below, but you can check out what Kelly thinks over at Kitchen Sync too.