IDSMeh: review of Interior Design Show West

"I’m actually very obsessed with the material world. I think also that I need to kind of elevate the physical world and make it as exciting, and as seductive, and as beautiful, and as pleasurable, and as experiential as the digital age." Karim Rashid to Stephanie Orford of Metro

IDSWest was boring again this year. There, I said it. Aside from running into cool peeps at FloForm and Valley Countertops, there was pretty much nothing to write home about this year, ESPECIALLY The Cross's Media Lounge - which was anything but exciting, very confusing and the most narcissistic of all. I was trés disappointed.

Who needs to hear Karim Rashid talk about his work? I want to hear him talk about the future of design, thank you very much. Who wants to hear Sarah Richardson and Tommy answer questions about design? I want to hear them talk about what their business model is like and how it has made them successful. It's a retail marketing campaign for the public, there is NOTHING special for designers in the fields.

There was one glimmer of hope in the whole thing. FloForm's Cambria UBER Lounge on Friday night was their first attempt at an industry party, and they did quite well with getting people out. Too bad Karim Rashid showed up with his entourage and only sat a single table to themselves all night. It was as if Vancouver was beneath them.

If you're a designer thinking about going to IDS West, skip it. I didn't even take one photo of anything.