Thimbles and spoons: collections

thimbles Yesterday I was walking with my guy and a friend up our street and we were chatting about the word kitsch versus tacky. I had seen a Thai Buddha head in white ceramic and a clear Chinese Happy Buddha in a shop window and I wanted them both. Maybe it was the Margaritas we just filled up on.

I explained that kitsch was more like a collection of a few things done really well and tacky was a collection that was just run over with too many similar items. Like a collection of thimbles or, as a friend said, a collection of teaspoons.


It's interesting, these types of small collectables were significant in my younger years but I think they have come to be far and few between and most likely fit with my grandparents generation. I think collections are more like Star Wars action figures now, but taking it a step further is the Wünderkammer, or Cabinet of Curiosities, or yet again, the more modern Curio cabinet.

Wide Angled Wunderkammer

LEGO - Star Wars Minfig Collection