Stinky kitty: Litter box ventilation

I came across this post today at Unplggd and it totally has me tripped out and thinking about how I can make one of these in the next kitchen I plan, for the feline friendly. A side from being a bit of a geek, and totally being able to plan this super duper kitty pooper vent, I wondered if there were any in-market products to simply the matter.

There's this god-forsaking thing. Um, Hello! Small Spaces!! Google seems to think that a fume extractor will do the trick. I don't want to suck the kitty out, silly. No jokes, I found some:

  1. LitterVent seems do-able for any Joe, but it is a bit, shall I say, cosmetically unpleasing.
  2. Whisker Vent (aw, cute name) seems cool, but looks like you need a general contractor to not drill through that pipe in the wall.

I can't believe I just posted this.