Granite & my showroom flub-up.

It happened today, I said it in-front of someone, in the showroom full of people. "Anything but a granite!"

What is with my repulsion to granite, I thought. Well it's simple:

Texture - There's lots of texture and that's visually confusing for me, someone who has poor vision.

Veiling - It's ultra glossy and reflective. Again, visually a problem for me.

Up-keep - Maintenance is constant with re-sealing every year at a minimum.

Durability - It's prone to cracking with temperature changes and the seams are less than desirable.

Porous - Around a sink it will dis-colour because it's absorbing the water. It's a stone after all.

Replacement - It's cheap, it's easy, and "replaceable" but you've just pillaged a quarry for a slab that you're going to toss in a few years.

Radon - A known Carcinogen and cause of Asthma and this surface is there permanently.

Bam! Just like that I had them onto Solid-Surfacing. Not to say that granite isn't applicable to some people, or that it isn't pretty, or that it isn't a poor product, or that I want this to bite me in the ass in the future.

Granite? Can we still be friends?