Archaeologically Contemporary San Paulo

All photos by María Acayaba

It's a bit of a groggy morning. I'm still reeling from my quick trip to New York and I had a rapid-fire day yesterday at an installation for one of my jobs. I usually sit with a coffee and read my blogs and sites before I jump into my day, yes, head first, and try to figure out what people really want.

I found this space on @archdaily and I was mezmorized by it's, in theory, coldness that is so warming. The ceiling really reminds me of an architectural dig site, with the partitions looking for antiquities, but the boxed ceiling (now that I think about it) is probably something we'd all want to cover up.

What I'm really loving is the linear kitchen with the backlit cityscape backsplash and wood countertops. It looks so delicious!

Here's the profile:

This apartment was designed for a trader who shares it with his son, and the project was carried out bearing in mind the fact that the residence is for two men, each of them occupying a part of it, in the ends of the floor. (@archdaily)

Architects: Piratininga Arquitetos Associados / José Armênio de Brito Cruz Location: Av. Paulista, São Paulo,  Coordinating Architects: Fabiana Terenzi Stuchi Collaborators: Julie Trickett, Bruno Salvador, Leonardo de Araújo Cunha Client: Fabio Cimino Project Area: 190 sqm Project Year: 2009