Allergic to country: 29 hour city-diveorcee

Garç & me decided that it was time for a much needed separation from our laptops, work, and city life. Things at work were really wearing us both down, he with his students and me with my recent influx of clients and retainers. I worked right thru a bout of the flu and I just haven't been able to concentrate. Off we went to Vancouver Island and we lasted 29 hours. Exactly. I found this ironic. I was born and raised in the country, and I fell easily into the slowness, and I remember a couple years ago I went back to a town I partly grew up in, all the fam is there, and my ears were ringing. They just wouldn't stop. It was so frustrating but I was actually excited when it happened again yesterday, and that lasted for about 3 hours then I was desperately seeking WiFi and 3G because the world doesn't stop.

Amongst all this slow down, and J sleeping for a record 10 hours without touching his BlackBerry or checking his email, I lay in one of the most beautiful bed & breakfasts I'd every seen. I mean, hard-rock Maple floors from the land. Cabinets too were milled from spruce, alder, and oak from the land. Did I mention the beautiful pond from a natural artisan well on the land? I mean, this place is the bomb… for a country lover, of which I clearly am not. Correction, I don't like Country Style, but I LOVE the country with the organic breads, cheeses, wineries, and unbelievable purveyors of fine crafts for which there is great talent; but, I'm not a fan of it.

If I see another doily this week, I'm going to throw up. Thankfully, I'm off to New York for Fashion Week care of Brizo.

Photo courtesy kirstinaderrik via flickr